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Since its establishment in 1979 in Vigo (Pontevedra) from a small family business, Transportes BUSTO has been combining international road transport with the RO-RO (Roll On - Roll Off) system.

Following its guidelines and with a view to the future, the company evolves to be able to provide our customers with the best service in different fields, as the trade of wood, granite, paper, canning sector and industry in general.

Transportes BUSTO is pioneer in the combination of these two transport systems across the Atlantic streak, ahead of the future white paper of transport and motorways of the sea.

In this evolution, Transportes BUSTO opened in 1996 a district office in Montoir de Bretagne in order to extend the service demanded by customers : GROUPAGE, STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION. A district office is also opened in 2010 in Gijón in order to use Gijón – Saint Nazaire ‘s motorways of the sea , until its stoppage in September 2014. At this moment, the company is waiting for the possible resumption of this line.

Our central operating base in Vigo and the ASTRE parcel network (Palet System) enable us to operate with efficiency and promptness in collections and deliveries.

This operation would not be possible without a highly qualified team, in constant training and adaptation to the new demands of the market, who knows new technologies and their application to the customer service.


Transportes BUSTO evolves to provide our customers with the best service in different fields, as the trade of wood, granite, paper, canning sector and industry in general.

We have been pioneers since 1978 in the use of the co-modality through our specialization in the use of Ro-Ro lines available on the Atlantic streak, and we have always been committed to the environment and emission reductions.

Therefore, as a logical and necessary evolution to continue betting on an increasingly clean and respectful transport with the environment, we have transformed the motorization of five of our vehicles with Dual-Fuel technology, in order to operate with NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) as alternative energy.

In this way, Transportes Busto renews with ASTRE, which is implementing a project to promote sustainable transport, its own commitment to the Environment and sustainability, reducing emissions to the atmosphere and dependence on oil.

Transportes Busto has opted for this system which not only reduces significantly carbon footprint and emissions of nitrogen dioxide (80% less than diesel), but also costs. The reasons for choosing such a system, as well as the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) compared to other options, have basically to do with the capacity and security they offer.This method allows the operation with a dual system, such as being able to operate only with diesel, in addition to having an adhoc tank, which ensures you do not stay at any time without fuel.

From an economic point of view, the implementation of this system is more profitable and easier to amortize with respect to the extra-cost involved in the installation and maintenance of LNG’s storage.

In term of logistics, it is very important to take into account the lack of LNG service stations in most European countries, while the presence of CNG is higher than in Spain and is expected to grow quickly, due to the fact that the European Union has proposed that, by 2020, there would be public stations of this type every 150 km.
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